Asst. Chief Rickie Bearden

Rickie has been a member of the department since 1990. He currently holds the position of Assistant Chief. His dedication is beyond phenomenal and he has been recognized by receiving the Firefighter of The Year Award, in previous years. Rickie is an EMT and assists the Marshall County Ambulance Service is medical calls. Recently he assisted in the emergency of a 9 day old infant and the child was saved. Rickie is vital to the smooth operation of the department and spends countless hours ensuring everything is in order.

Lt. Ed Sweatt 

Ed came to the department in March 2009 and worked very hard in obtaining his certification. His dedication was honored with the 2011 Firefighter of The Year Award, as well as his promotion to the rank of Lieutenant. Ed worked hard on obtaining a grant for the department to receive new thermal imaging cameras, which have been a huge asset in fighting fires. He oversees operations on emergency scenes and has proven to be a vital member of our department.

Lt. Trent Hardin

Trent Hardin joined the department in February 2009. Trent was honored in 2010 with the Firefighter of the Year Award. In 2014 he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. Trent oversees operations on emergency scenes, as well as other duties within the department. Trent works full time as a deputy with McCracken County Sheriff's Department. In 2016 he was honored within his agency for his actions during an emergency situation and received the Lifesaving Medal. He has proven his love for service and continues to help others any chance he gets.

Chaplain Phillip Duncan

Phillip Duncan has been around since 1983. He serves as the department's Chaplain. Anyone that knows Phillip understands his love for God, family and friends. His dedication has been proven year after year and he continues to do everything he can to help others. Phillip is an outstanding man and the department is very blessed to have him


Ff-EMT Drew Walker

Drew Walker joined the department in October 2012. Drew worked tirelessly and obtained his 150 hour certification in just one year, which is a huge accomplishment. He is also an EMT-B and assists the Ambulance Service with medical calls within our district. His dedication was honored in 2014 with the Firefighter of The Year Award. Drew works full time as a Safety Officer at Evonik in Calvert City. His dedication is obvious to others and he is always willing to help those in need. The department is proud to have him.

Ff. Eric Trout

Eric Trout came to us in November 2014. Since then he has worked very hard and obtained his firefighter certification. His dedication was honored in 2015 with the Firefighter of The Year Award. Eric has proven he is willing to do whatever Is asked of him and does so quickly and professionally. The department is proud to have men like Eric serving with us. Earlier this year Eric married the love of his life and we wish the two of them the very best

Ff. Wes Dixon

Wes Dixon has been a member since 2003. Wes has worked hard towards obtaining his certification. He carries out various duties on emergency scenes and never complains about the task to be completed. He gives his all in whatever he does and supports those around him. Wes is also a storm spotter for the National Weather Service of Paducah. The department is glad to have Wes "Bubbalicious" on board.

Ff. Robert Fortier

Robert Fortier joined us in December of 2015. Rob is originally from Massachusetts, but decided to make Marshall county home. He served 21 1/2 years in the United States Coast Guard and retired in 2017. He is now employed as a Deputy Jailer at a local facility. Since his joining, rob has worked toward and obtained his certification. Rob assisted in saving a man's life last year, after his home caught fire and the man was injuried. Rob assisted in locating and extracting the man. His service to our country and community is a true testament as to what kind of man he is. We are proud to have him